The Androgen Study Group: New Research in Testosterone

January 20, 2019 by admin

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Who is The Androgen Study Group?

The Androgen Study Group is an association of clinical researchers and doctors who are working to improve the clinical information about testosterone replacement therapy. The association organizes focused clinical trials with appropriate parameters to allow for useful studies in the effectiveness and side effects of testosterone therapies.


The association also works to educate primary care providers and patients about testosterone replacement therapy, its benefits, and its potential side effects. In many cases, the benefits far outweigh the potential for side effects. As more doctors, pharmacists, and patients are educated about testosterone therapy, its use can be more fully discussed and introduced when appropriate.


The members of the Androgen Study Group are advocates for the appropriate use of testosterone therapy. Testosterone replacement is an important part of treatment for many patients, and they should not be denied this important treatment due to inaccuracies in clinical trials and medical journals.

Most recently, the Androgen Study Group has been urging the denial of a petition to insert a black box warning on testosterone replacement with the FDA. This petition was put forward based on false claims made by medical journals and inaccurate clinical trials. The association has also been working to have misleading articles published in medical journals retracted by the publications.

While the group does admit that further research should be done, it is important that these clinical trials and related publications are accurate and straightforward. Primary care physicians and the public alike should not be confused about this potentially useful therapy.


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