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Khristoper Lugo has treated over 400 COVID patients. He worked in the ICU at Bellevue Hospital from March 2020 to July 2021 caring for the most critically-ill COVID patients. Now he is caring for outpatient COVID patients in his private practice with the goal to help them get well and to keep them out of the hospital.

“I was diagnosed with COVID Pneumonia and only seemed to be getting worse. With no other options I reached out and Khris and Adrienne were both amazing from the start, going above and beyond what a normal clinician would. I was so sick I didn't know if I would survive but here I am today able to write a review about how amazing they are. I’m not being dramatic when I say they saved my life. My entire family will forever be grateful.”


Khristopher M. Lugo, PA, is fully focused on offering premier concierge medical care in the Bay Area. At Bay Area Modern Medical Center, you’ll find an approach to medicine purely focused on finding the treatment perfectly suited to your needs. Feel complete confidence in your health when you choose concierge care with Khristopher M. Lugo.

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We offer the following COVID-19 SERVICES:


There are alternatives to treating Covid-19. One of the most effective and safe treatments available is Ivermectin. This treatment is a safe alternative with over 60 human studies that have shown its efficacy in treating Covid-19.

Numerous other countries around the world are also using Ivermectin to treat and cure Covid-19 patients. It has been successful in Africa, Mexico, India and other countries, including right here in the United States.

Khristopher M. Lugo is very glad to be able to provide his patients Ivermectin to effectively treat Covid-19.



Do you need to know if you have an active Covid infection? Need results in 10 minutes? We use the Abbott ID NOW molecular test. This rapid test gives a 97% accurate result, letting you know right away whether you have Covid-19 or not.



Covid PCR is the gold standard Covid test. This is the test to take when you need to travel. It gives highly accurate results within 1-2 days. We offer this test here in our practice for any patient who wants the highest-quality Covid test available.



Did you have COVID unbeknownst to you, possibly experiencing and conquering the virus but not even knowing you ever had it? Find out if you have the antibodies with a short, easy test at Bay Area Modern Medical Center.


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